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Client Testimonials



Robert K.

Farmington, MI

After being with several financial advisors over many years we feel so fortunate to have finally found in Retirement Planning Solutions an advisor who can confidently guide us into our retirement years.  We feel secure with the skill, dedication and competence Scott Briggs has brought to our financial future.  In every meeting with us, Scott displays careful preparation, knowledgeable attention to detail, sincere understanding of our goals and a willingness to answer all our questions.  Scott truly cares about us and our future.  We highly recommend Retirement Planning Solutions.

Our experience with Scott Briggs at Retirement Planning Solutions has finally ended our decades long search for an advisor who is honest, knowledgeable and has a heartfelt desire to help us meet our financial goals.



 Margaret W.

Milford, MI

Scott was very thorough. He explains every option that best met our needs. He is very personable and my siblings and I enjoyed working with him. He is very knowledgeable and is also very patient. He goes the extra mile. I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him. 



Ina D.

Milford, MI

My experience with Retirement Planning Solutions began with accompanying my mom to one of their informational seminars simply because she did not want to attend alone.  I left with so much more than a nice meal but also a huge amount of insight on my money ideas for the future.  Retirement Planning Solutions has become a place that I can rely on to have my best interest at heart.  That is a good feeling.  I feel like I have been treated like a family member, such a comforting feeling knowing that my money is working for me.  Their personal service and the way they truly take their time explaining things that were foreign to me, have heightened my awareness to the importance of having a retirement strategy.  Without them I would be lost but instead they have moved me into looking forward to growing older.



Caresse F.

Lincoln Park, MI

When my husband passed away I was not sure what my future held for me financially.  Scott Briggs from Retirement Planning Solutions came to my home and explained in detail what my late husband had set up for me.  With continued support, financial suggestions, and recommendations from Retirement Planning Solutions I know that I have a secure financial future.  Not only for me but for my children too!  I could not be happier with how Retirement Planning Solutions took care of me.



Dennis N.

Sterling Heights, MI

My wife and I were introduced to Retirement Planning Solutions when we received an invitation to a free seminar.  After listening to the speakers, and wanting to know more information, we signed up for a free in home consultation.  Scott Briggs was the representative for Retirement Planning Solutions, who came to our home.  Scott looked over what we thought was a good retirement plan.  He assured us there was a better way for us to plan our retirement.  Scott then went to work finding us the best plans for our retirement.  We are so thankful for Scott Briggs’ advice.  Whenever given the opportunity we highly recommend Scott Briggs and Retirement Planning Solutions to our friends and family members.  After my mother died I called Scott Briggs requesting his help again.  There were a number of annuities, which needed to be split between two other brothers.  Scott was able to gather together the necessary legal paperwork to close the estate.  I sure appreciate Scott’s professional guidance in all our financial planning.  I would highly recommend Retirement Planning Solutions and Scott Briggs for anyone looking to improve their portfolio for retirement.



Marilyn E.

Harrison Twp, MI

Outstanding service and quality.  Highly Recommended!




Linda K.

Very informative and helpful. Scott Briggs is very patient and thorough.





Crystal J.

Mr. Scott Briggs is the best Advisor… Wonderful Person!





Dennis N.

I would highly recommend Retirement Planning Solutions and Scott Briggs, for anyone looking to improve their portfolio for retirement.





Peter C.

Retirement Planning Solutions and Scott Briggs are just great.



Robyn M.

When I met Scott, I was overwhelmed trying to manage my deceased mother’s trust. I had no idea where or what types of investments I should make. Scott was able to figure out what was most important to me and presented some outstanding options. I would’ve never been able to navigate this process without him. Thank you!


Ted R.

Hartland, MI

Scott Briggs is a friendly, client-oriented person. He worked hard to secure my policy. He is available and responds quickly to any & all questions. I would recommend him to any potential customers. I am satisfied with my experience with Retirement Planning Solutions.

Michael A.

New Boston, MI


Peter C.

Melvindale, MI

We have been clients of Scotts since 2008, he often stops by to check on us and just to chat. We would highly recommend Scott, he has done a wonderful job for us. He is always there to help, we have peace of mind knowing that Scott has everything taken care of. Retirement Planning Solutions and Scott Briggs are just great.

Crustal J.

Southfield MI

I have the utmost respect and confidence with Retirement Planning Solutions. My financial agent, Scott Briggs always takes the time to review financial materials with you, ensuring that you have clarity regarding your funds status, beneficiates, etc He is always prompt in returning calls and addressing and inquiries. I would sincerely advise anyone seeking financial security for their future to invest their experience with Retirement Strategies.

Saleem R.

Madison Heights, MI

Subsequent to my retirement as my retirement savings became available, I did my research and luckily came across just the right investment strategy that being in the domain of Retirement Planning Solutions of Farmington Hills.

Looking back, it turned out to be my best pick which provides and steady retirement income from my (now annuitized) savings. Retirement strategies meaningfully and protectively invests your funds for optimum yield especially in today’s market volatility irrespective of whether you have a pension or not to fall back on.

I recommend Retirement Strategies, INC. over anything else that today’s “retiree market” may offer to avail optimum retirement income comfort level.


Farmington Hills, MI.

Scott moved me into safe investments. This is my 3rd annuity with him. He is on time professional and answers his calls or returns them promptly. Scott never wastes my time.

Susan M.

Riverview, MI

Thanks for taking your time to find the best plan for my needs.

Silvia H.

Detroit, MI

I am completely satisfied and comfortable with Scott Briggs level of professionalism in guiding me through my retirement planning needs. I will continue to let my friends and family members know about Retirement Planning Solutions and how they can benefit by working with Scott Briggs!

God bless you with much continued success!

John O.


Excellent. Great follow up & very knowledgable!

David G.

Charlotte, MI

Great job helping and guiding us through these changes.

David A.

Livonia, MI

Scott is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. After disucssing several options and making some changes I’m very comfortable with my financial future. I would highly recommend him.

Dennis M.

Battle Creek, MI

Scott is very professional & knowledgable. It was very enjoyable to do business with Scott.

He has a high degree of integrity and I recommend him to anyone needing help with financial planning.

Gail B.

Clio, MI

Scott came to us with some great advice. He provided us with some plans to keep our retirement safe and secure. So very important! We highly recommend this company.