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Our Retirement Planning Services

Welcome to Retirement Planning Solutions of Michigan

Specializing in Wealth Preservation & Multi-Generational, Legacy Planning

The retirement landscape is a scary road for most, just ask the 61% of Americans that are more afraid of outliving their retirement savings than death.

Fear not – We are here to guide you through the seemingly treacherous landscape of retirement, making sure you’re well informed and over-prepared for all possible obstacles you may face.

Retirement Income Maximization

A common misconception among Americans & baby boomers in particular, is that annuities are all the same and that they are all bad. We are here to educate you on why that is just that: a misconception.

We are partnered with an array of industry leading, insurance carrier partners in order to provide you with the best possible annuity options on the market. An annuity can provide principal guaranteed growth so your money is safe, as well as a guaranteed lifetime income stream down the road if elected. With many other additional benefits to explore, we can show you why an annuity should at least be discussed.

Our annuity & income retirement experience surmounts 27+ years. With the breadth of knowledge gained over that time, we understand that annuities are not for everyone. However, we also know that if there is an annuity out there that is right for you, we will find it. Ensuring you have the proper retirement income during your golden years is something we would love to explain. Contact us for a free assessment.

Tax Efficiency

Maximizing your investment and minimizing your taxes go hand in hand. We’ll take the time to understand who you are as our client and what your goals are for today, as well as for the future. By utilizing the appropriate insurance products & implementing the proper strategy, we will find the most beneficial, tax advantaged options for you.

While certain annuities offer tax deferral, meaning you are only taxed when you take a withdrawal, others, like Life Insurance, can offer the opportunity of withdrawals on an income-tax-free basis. Life Insurance can also accumulate cash value that can be used in a variety of ways including tax efficient, long term care costs due to Chronic or Critical Illnesses.

Life Insurance has evolved over time and is now much more than just burial & funeral expense coverage. Whether it be Term Life Insurance for mortgage protection or an IUL for guaranteed income in the future, we have you covered. Call today and allow us to elaborate on the multitude of ways life insurance can be used during retirement years!

Hybrid Life Insurance

With the rising cost & demand of long-term care in the United States, it is no wonder why it’s planning for is often overlooked. We work closely with our clients and their families for generations to ensure that everyone is well informed and well prepared for all of life’s inevitable challenges.

The probability of a chronic, a critical, or a terminal illness affecting you during your life is becoming more and more probable. As scary of a thought as that is, having the appropriate long-term care plan in place will significantly reduce your stress so you can focus on what is important; your health. It will also eliminate the possibility of a financial burden being placed on your children or loved ones, should you ever need assistance.

We are confident that with a brief conversation – we can resolve many, if not all of your long-ignored concerns and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Legacy Planning from One Generation to the Next

At RPS, we are beyond grateful to our clients for their loyalty & support. Even more so, we are grateful for our clients trust in us to financially protect and invest for their children and their children’s children. Knowing we’ll always have the entire family’s well-being in mind, our proudest achievement after decades of service is without a doubt our 98.3% client retention rate.

Inevitably, we have all experienced grief in one form or another. Death of a loved one in particular, is one of the most challenging and mentally exhausting, grieving processes known to man. We’re here to make sure, above and beyond having funeral & burial expenses covered, that your family is financially protected and your legacy continues to support your loved ones, long after you leave them.

The last thing you should be worrying about during your final months are how you’re family will go on without you. It is our passion and our duty to make sure you never have to.