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If you’re looking to take some of the mystery out of annuities, there’s a new online resource that can help.

The new company, dubbed Retirement Planning Solutions, will provide consumers with impartial facts about the various types of annuities available and how they differ. Knowing those differences can help consumers make informed decisions about whether an annuity should be part of their retirement savings strategy.

The new website is the brainchild of long-time financial services guru Scott Briggs. A second-generation pro in wealth management, Briggs is the new company’s CEO.

In launching the new RPSMich.com website, Briggs said, “A lot of people avoid annuities based on fear, not fact.” The goal of the new company, Briggs continued, will be “to give the American consumer a place to learn about annuities without a sermon or sales pitch.”

Briggs went on to explain how the website works. A consumer can contact www.RPSMich.com (by email or phone) with their questions regarding retirement and income planning. They will receive a timely response from an Retirement Planning Solutions consumer contact specialist. That response could be a verbal (or written, if emailed) explanation of annuity features and benefits which would address the consumer’s concerns. The consumer may also be offered free educational literature that can help explain annuities and their benefits in greater detail.

What makes Retirement Planning Solutions different is that it doesn’t sell anything. The company’s stated goal is consumer education, not pushing products. In fact, annuities are one of a handful of financial products which cannot be sold online. Annuity products can only be purchased face-to-face from licensed life insurance professionals.

Retirement Planning Solutions is, however, affiliated with hundreds of insurance agents from coast to coast, and all are very familiar with the many types of annuities available. So if a consumer calls with a specific question, Retirement Planning Solutions can refer the caller to one of the licensed professionals in this nationwide network.

“If the consumer feels comfortable discussing their unique situation with an annuity specialist,” CEO Briggs continued, “we certainly can put them in contact with one.”

Briggs summed it all up with these words: “We’re here to give people the tools they need to make the best choice for a secure future. Period.”

And given the complexity of most annuities, that job could keep Retirement Planning Solutions busy for a long time.

About Retirement Planning Solutions
Retirement Planning Solutions is an independent annuities information and referral resource based in Farmington Hills, MI. The company’s founder and CEO is Scott Briggs, a member of the Briggs family, a respected team of financial professionals who specialize in wealth management and asset preservation. Learn more by visiting www.rpsmich.com.